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$354,000 USD

4 Bedroom(s)
4 Bathrooms(s)
Featured Lot
$92,000 USD
368 m2
3,961 ft2

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Lake Chapala
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Retire to Lake Chapala, Mexico

Ajijic Buyers Agent, Learn Lake Chapala, Mexico Ready for a change! Come and Visit our paradise at Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Do you find yourself in a rut?  Are you tired of awful weather, high cost of living, high taxes, and high cost for medical care?  Then you need to learn about Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico.  Ah, the wonders of a new place, new sites, smells, and activities.  What would you pay for a chance to re-invent yourself? Learn about Ajijic and Lake Chapala without the pressure

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If you've ever spent a vacation in Mexico, you've probably enjoyed yourself thoroughly -- beautiful beaches, marvelous scenery, fascinating cities. Did you ever start thinking about something more permanent... like retiring in Ajijic, Lake Chapala for example? Even if retirement is still a few years away, if you have had the thought, that what counts. As it happens, more and more expatriates are tending to favor Lake Chapala as the perfect place to retire. The fact is that you will be able to live in Mexico at about half the cost that you would normally pay and still have most, if not all of the conveniences you are used to.
Ajijic Real Estate

Lake Chapala Real Estate While it is the prospect of living more economically that prompts most people to choose Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico as a destination for retirement, this is not the only reason. One of these is the stability of the Mexican economy and the fact that English is spoken in many parts of Mexico. Another reason is that expatriates can travel to and from the United States with relative ease. They are also permitted to buy and sell property in Mexico. In addition, it is perfectly possible to spend six months in the country at a stretch.

And then again, you'll find that in Ajijic, older people command respect. Although there is a popular misconception that health care and insurance are not up to the mark in Mexico, the reality is quite different. This is the case with the Americas hospital. Blue Cross and other insurance schemes are accepted here. However, Medicaid and Medicare are not considered valid outside the United States. Even so, you'll find many other plans that are accepted in Mexico. This is because dental treatment is available in Mexico for a third of the cost that you would pay in the United States. Lake Chapala

Real Estate Ajijic On the other hand, you'll find that in the Lake Chapala area, which has become home to as many as 40,000 Americans, two people can live comfortably for as little as $ 1,200. This is Mexico's largest lake and became a retirement haven for expatriates just after World War II. English is widely spoken and understood and expatriates have established a strong presence here.

The climate of Lake Chapala is mild and there's no dearth of things to do, so you won't be bored to say the least. There are a number of towns around the Chapala Lakeside, the most important of which is Ajijic.

Real Estate in Ajijic

Ajijic Lake Chapala Lake Chapala Retirement Ajijic Retirement Chapala Retirement Chapala Real Estate

About Ajijic

Chapalajara Real Estate is located in Ajijic, a narrow strip of land between the mountains to the north and the Lake Chapala to the South. It is flanked by San Antonio Tlayacapan to the east and San Juan Cosala to the west. It is seven kilometers west of Chapala. Its average annual temperature is 19.9 degrees Centigrade "68°F".

Ajijic Beach

Old People in Lake Chapala

Ajijic is a truly representative example of the typical Mexican pueblo with its narrow cobblestone streets and central plaza, this 450 year old village is the most popular place for visitors and residents alike. The very colorful buildings along the main street from the highway to the lake and surrounding the plaza are home to a wide variety of shops where you will find jewelry, clothing, art galleries, corner stores, gift shops, and many fine restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisine from many parts of the world.

Ajijic is a village of greenery and flowers. The main plaza is a pleasant, shaded oasis on a hot day. Many streets are tree-lined. Some very old trees have grown to be giants. Bougainvillea cascades over garden walls, shading sidewalks. See hundreds of photos of Ajijic and Lake Chapala in Steven Miller´s webpage.

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Little yellow home in Ajijic

Ajijic Flowers Ajijic Tapetes Chile Serrano Lake Chapala

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